3-D Imaging

This is a standard that has allowed our practice to help many patients. We have been the leaders in North Jersey. Dr. Trava lectures across the country to other specialists to encourage the use of this technology.  There are many different types of 3-D imaging machines. Our practice uses the Planmeca 3D imaging system. Planmeca is the world leader in this technology. The diagnosis is in the details, so use the best. Let’s look at some patients:

Patient #1 was traumatized in a sporting event. A 3D image is a must to diagnose and treat our young athletes.  We can view the patient’s teeth from every angle.









Patient #2 was getting their hip replaced. The orthopedic surgeon wanted him screened to make sure there are no jaw infections.  The first image is a traditional dental x-ray. The second image is 3D, showing a large black cyst in the jaw. This was growing for years, undetected by previous 2D traditional dental x-rays.