Bleaching a discolored tooth

I have noticed my front tooth has darkened over the years. Why did this happen?

Your tooth has had the following happen:

  1. If there are no fillings in the tooth, the tooth has been traumatized. The nerve and the blood vessel are necrosed (dead). Slight trauma years ago could cause this.
  2. The tooth had a root canal in it a long time ago. Not all the nerve was cleaned out.

If the tooth was traumatized, the nerve and blood vessel was damaged. It will die right away or over a period of time. The red blood cells contained in the blood vessel will disintegrate over time. It is just like the red hamburger patties that sit out for awhile, and turn to grey. When the light hits the tooth, it does not travel through the same. It appears grey or yellow.

My root canal was done a long time ago, and now it has gotten grey. There is some dead nerve tissue left in the crown.

Teeth that discolor this way can be bleached. The tooth needs to be bleached from the inside. You cannot achieve it from the outside, bleaching trays. If the tooth does not have a root canal, it will need the root canal first. If it had a root canal already, the filling in the back of the tooth can be removed and bleached placed inside.