Consultation/Second Opinion

A consultation is a great time for both the patient and our practice to ask a lot of questions. The following objectives should be accomplished:

  • For us to understand your expectations
  • For you to understand our expectations
  • For us to answer your questions
  • For you to answer our questions
  • For you to understand what you treatment will entail
  • For us to try and put your worries aside
  • For us to fill in the gaps and pull the pieces together for you

Every situation and tooth is different. There are so many variables. It is difficult to compare one person’s situation to yours and vice versa. The advantage of having more than one endodontist in our practice is teamwork, and having another set of eyes to review your case.

When coming for a consultation, it is always best to have your questions written down. If there is a history, please prepare an outline or notes for us. Any previous dental records or x-rays are a great help.

Patients are referred to our practice not only from the dental community, patients and friends, but from Cardiologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Oncologists. Physicians scheduling their patients for surgery and radiation therapy want their patients’ teeth infection free. When time is a factor, we strive to get you complete.