External Tooth Imaging

This technology is used for:

  • Gaggers- Adults that cannot tolerate normal dental x-rays taken inside the mouth.
  • Children that the dentist has difficulty because their mouths are too small.
  • Special Needs patients that cannot tolerate the old fashion way.

How is this different?

The picture is taken externally. The laser guided system lines up your teeth so that the image is clear and concise.

Does it take long?

That is the second advantage. It only takes 8 seconds!

How is this different from a Panorex image that the orthodontist would take?       

On atypical Panorex film, the teeth can overlap in the image and cavities can be missed. With this technology, the computer separates the teeth giving more detail.

When we can diagnosis a cavity in its early stage, we can prevent root canal treatment for a tooth. We feel, another responsibility of our practice is to keep our patients from having root canal. So, if you have a neighbor or friend that has trouble getting x-rays, give us a call!