Used for years in the medical field, the advancement of laser in root canal treatment is here. We use laser in many aspects of Endodontics. You may be swayed that it does not make a difference. Many specialists have resisted implementing the technology, because of the initial cost. We have saved many teeth from being extracted without reason because they were told the infection was too bad or the root canal was failing. We implement the laser in many different scenarios:

1. Removing persistent infections that other Endodontists could not.
2. Performing Endodontic surgery with minimal bleeding.
3. Removing cysts without having to perform surgery.

Laser energy is a combination of light and water. Patients that take blood thinning medications like Coumadin, Plavex, aspirin, do not have to come off those medications. Many physicians prefer to have their patients treated with this route. It becomes a safer procedure for the patient.