Why an Endodontist

Why Root Canal success?

Why our practice? A higher degree of success from a higher degree of experience! We enjoy a 98.9% success rate. Root canal work can be costly, do it right the first time. It is more expensive doing it over. Having a tooth removed and placing an implant will run into the thousands. One of our philosophies is a multidisciplinary approach. We have multiple specialists in our practice to review and assist in making sure we diagnosis and treat your chief complaints. We have experience with complex cases. We feel it is important to communicate with your dentist, physician (neurologist, oncologist, orthopedic, cardiac).

If you had a root canal that failed in the past, there may be some basic reasons. There are some standards to root canal that have to be used every time to help your root canal be successful:

Dental Dam- Always uses this with root canal! Keeps the area sterile!
No saliva with bacteria gets into the tooth. Any infection that comes out does not go into your mouth. Root canal done without a dental dam will lower your lower the chances of your root canal working.
Microscope- Second most important tool! Root canal is about detail. The microscope allows us to magnify the inside of the tooth to see detail not visible to the naked eye or magnifying glasses. Root canal without a microscope will lower your success. The microscope is used also in apicoectomy surgery. It also allows us to record any procedure.
Root locators- This instrument aids us in finding the root of the tooth electronically. It aids in our determination on how long the roots are, and how to place our root canal fillings. This helps to ensure that all the nerve is gone.
3D imaging- This allows us to view your teeth on the computer from every angle possible. It is more detailed than traditional dental x-rays. It allows us to see every root, even the ones that are hidden. It aids in diagnosing. Many times discomfort can be from TMJ, sinus or other areas, this allows us to diagnosis, treat and refer accordingly. We pre-screen many patients for dental infections before medical surgery and cancer treatment.
Laser treatment- Laser treatment allows us to sterilize better and to remove infection in the hard to get places in a tooth. The light energy travels 360ยบ inside the root to sterilize the canal. When used in root canal surgery is more conservative with less bleeding especially for patients on blood thinners.

All of the above are important when completing root canal. So when you are told to remove the root canal because it is infected, think twice, send us an e-mail to get our opinion. Many times we can help and save you unnecessary expense.